Hello, and welcome to my blog. If you are looking for some inspiration you have come to the right place. This blog was created to help those who are feeling lost and need some words of advice. My whole life I have felt like there was more to life. I always felt like something was missing. If you can relate I want you to know that you are not alone and I am here for you.

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The Biggest Sign of Intelligence

I personally believe that the biggest indicator of an intelligent person is Awareness. So what do I mean by that? Awareness and consciousness go hand in hand. I guess another term that could be used is “Woke.” Believe it or not, about 95% of the things you do on a daily basis come from your…

My View of God as a Philosopher

For those who don’t know I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Arizona State University. Philosophy is something that has always interested me. I never knew what to do with the degree, I just like learning and expanding my knowledge. Two of my favorite philosophers of all time are Descartes and Spinoza. Spinoza had…

All That Exists, Is Right Now

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying; “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift… that’s why they call it the present.” I would like to dive a little deeper into this, because although it seems fairly simple and straightforward, there is such a deeper meaning and importance to this realization….

Proof That Vegan Food Is Healthier

So, I was just writing a blog post and wanted to find a good picture and so I typed in “unhealthy food” and I got these results here: I was curious to see what would happen if I searched “healthy food,” here are the results: If you don’t believe me just do a simple google…

You Have Two Options in Life: Change or Stay the Same

It feels like everyone is just magically waiting for their lives to get better. Everyone wants to have more money, be more successful, get in better shape, be happier and so on. But the truth is, most people do not put in the work. To see improvements in your life you must be willing to…

How to be Happier

“To create a life in which you are truly happy and satisfied it takes effort and hard work. But nowadays we aren’t used to those two things. We have technology do everything for us.

Everything is in short bursts and our attention spans are very minimal.

When doing things to improve our lives such as exercising or eating healthier; if we don’t see immediate results we automatically think it isn’t worth it and we ditch it and go back to a more comfortable lifestyle with instant gratification.”

How To Find Your Purpose

Your passion becomes your purpose when you use it in the service of others. Believe it or not, we all have a purpose in this world. Everyone was created differently and everyone has their own special talents and quirks. Everyone has that one thing they are interested in and good at; this is your purpose….