Diet and Nutrition

A huge problem nowadays is health and wellness. Everyone wants to be in better shape, have a better physique and just ultimately feel better. Everyone instantly thinks that the thing for that is exercise. And yes, exercise definitely helps but the most important thing is nutrition and diet. No matter how hard you work out, if you have a poor diet, you’re not going to see results and you won’t have the physique you are looking for.

A wise man once told me that to have a well-balanced life you need to look at your lifestyle like a stool. There are three legs. One is diet, one is exercise, and the other is rest. If you are lacking one of these then you will not have a well-balanced life. You will not get the results you want. While rest and exercise are very important I really want to focus on diet.

Diet is a HUGE problem nowadays. All the fast food, sugar, and processed foods that we consume is unreal, and it is so unhealthy. Obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and so many other illnesses are on the rise. And I 100% believe it is entirely to do with diet.

Some will argue that it’s due to our sedentary lifestyles, in other words it’s because of how much we sit around, if it be sitting on the couch watching TV, sitting in the car, or sitting down at work. And yes, this does play a huge role, but I believe if we were to fix our diets, then we would also fix our lazy lifestyles.

The reason everyone is so lazy is because our diets don’t give us the energy we need to live an active lifestyle.

A big problem with diet is people want a simple, easy meal. And fast food gives us that simple meal and for most people it tastes good too. It’s also much easier to just buy a box or can of food and heat it up instead of having to prepare and cook everything yourself. And I completely understand this. 

A huge turn off for people is having to cook. They claim to not have the time and I understand.

This is a huge reason people do not want to eat healthy because of the time it takes.

People also believe eating healthy is very expensive but it is not, I will get in to this at another time though.

A huge reason people say they do not eat healthy is because of the lack of options.

I’m going to provide you with a very simple solution to this.

So, I know there isn’t many vegan places to shop or eat.  Guess what, this is because of the lack of demand. There is a lack of demand because people are not informed about it.

And that’s why I’m here to inform you about it.

If people understand all the amazing benefits of following a vegan lifestyle then there will be a bigger demand for vegan foods. This will force stores and restaurants to provide more vegan options, because they go where the money is.

Just like KFC and Burger recently came out with vegan options. They understand there is a demand for it so they are providing options so they can make more money.

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