A huge goal in my life is to successfully inform the public about Veganism. I know I know “Oh he’s a vegan, he must be weird.” “Oh he has no idea what he’s talking about.” “Oh he’s a weird health freak, I’m not going to listen to him.” “Where the hell does he get his protein?”

I’ve heard it all. And trust me I was in the same position as you a couple years ago.

I thought to myself, “how the heck can someone not eat meat, they must be crazy.” “And no eggs, chicken, milk….no pepperoni pizza, that’s crazy!” 

And I also know the whole, “well it’s my life, I’m going to eat what I want, if it tastes good I’m going to eat it ,because I can. This Taco Bell tastes damn good and I’m going to keep eating it, no way I could go Vegan.”

I don’t expect you to read what I have to say and then instantly turn vegan. That is not my goal here. I’m not going to talk down on you and say you’re horrible for eating meat. All I simply want to do is to inform you. 

I just wish I knew what I know now when I was growing up. I wish there was someone to inform me and tell me how bad the food was that I was eating. That’s why I’m here to inform you about it. I just really want to help everyone and make this world a better place. And I strongly believe that if the public was more informed about food then we would be a lot better off.

You are what you eat. I’m sure you have all heard this saying. But do you actually understand how true this is. Food is literally your fuel. Our food is our energy. Just like a car needs gasoline to run; we need food. Would you rather put gross, mucky, slimy gas in your car, or pure, natural, clear gas? Same goes for food.

You have a long day ahead of you. Would you rather fuel your body with a greasy, fat burger, or some natural unprocessed food. Say you’re about to go workout; I’m sure you would rather drink a smoothie or eat a granola bar instead of drinking a soda and eating a burger.

Why is this? Well because the natural food gives you more energy and you feel a lot better. I don’t know about you but I would not want to go run a mile after eating fat greasy food.

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