Why is it Cool to be Unhappy?

Why is it a norm to be unhappy in public. It’s like once we enter in to society it’s frowned upon to be happy and friendly. 

You get weird looks if you’re smiling or singing. 

I’ll be in my car in a great mood singing and dancing to the music but once I step out of the vehicle I feel the need to put on a straight face and try to look as emotionless as possible. 

Everyone has their heads down either looking at their phone or looking at the ground. 

It seems as if everyone is scared to stand out nowadays. But at the same time when everyone is at home behind their screens they’re hoping that they get a huge amount of likes on their photo or their tweet. 

But they fear this kind of attention in public. 

I think it’s either a fear of getting judged, or the government succeeded in separating us. Or a combination of the two. 

It’s 7 billion of us against a couple hundred of them. They feel threatened by the potential power we could have if we all came together. This is why they try so hard to separate us and try so hard to brainwash us. 

They can’t risk having a woke society. They need us to be sheep that they can easily herd. 

The only consciousness they want is in terms of production and consumption. They want to make us aware of the latest trends and all the hot items so we consume them and make them money. 

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