Drugs and Alcohol

People aren’t addicted to drugs and alcohol. They are addicted to escaping reality. When you are unhappy with your current position in life you want to escape it and the easiest way to do it is with drugs/alcohol/watching television/sitting on your phone.

Using these things to escape will never fix the problem, it will keep making it worse the more you push it away. It’s time to face your problems head on.

Take 20 minutes to just sit and silence and deal with everything that’s going on in your head. Get rid of all distractions. Put your phone away, turn off the tv, pause your music and just sit there.

A lot of people are unhappy because they are not pursuing their passions. If your job doesn’t make you happy and you’re only doing it for the money, then today is the day to change jobs.

When you work at a job you don’t like just for the money you’ll be doing things you don’t enjoy doing in order to live a life full of doing things you don’t like doing.

It just doesn’t make sense. You might as well pursue your passion and not give af about the money and chase a life that actually makes you happy.

It’s better to have a short life full of happiness and doing things you enjoy. Rather than a long life of doing things you hate and never amounting to anything.

If you find your true passion and stick to it and dedicate your life to it you’ll become a master of it and the money will eventually start flowing in. And you’ll be making way more money doing something you truly enjoy and it will make your life worth living.

We are not born to pay bills and die.

Think about it: the standard human life consists of spending the best years of our lives bored out of our minds in school only to prepare us for a job we will most likely hate, and then retire at 60 when we’re too old and tired to do the things we would have actually wanted to do.

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