People Can Change

People can change. I was lost like all of you. Growing up I knew I was different. I just so happened to fall in to the clique of “popular kids.” In high school, we all play our roles. We don’t know any better. I am truly sorry to all of the people I hurt; I’m sorry to all of the people who despised me and I’m sorry to all of the people who had it rough in high school and didn’t have anyone there for you.

Just know that I didn’t have it any better. I hated high school. We were all forced to go somewhere we didn’t want to be and we were still young, trying to find ourselves, and we were shoved in to categories and forced to act how people expected us to.

Deep down I was very different but there wasn’t much room for individuality in high school. Once college came along I was allowed to be myself more. But it was still expected of me to be a college student, get drunk all the time, eat crappy food, etc.

It is very uncomfortable being different. People think you are weird and crazy and you have no one who truly understands you. So you just try your best to fit in and do what everyone else does.

Eventually I decided to stop trying to fit in. I realized I will never truly be happy until I am my true self. Once I quit partying and quit eating unhealthy I felt so much better. But I was still in Michigan and being from a small town it’s hard to be yourself and not get forced into doing things everyone else is doing. It’s hard sitting at home trying to better yourself when you know everyone else is out having a “good time.”

So one day I decided I had enough and I moved to Arizona. I have never felt this free and this alive. There is no one to judge me for being myself. I can do whatever I want whenever I want. 

I just want the world to be a better place and I want to see everyone happy. There is way more to life than working pointless jobs and buying material things.

We weren’t meant to go to school, get a job, work our whole lives, retire and be too old to do all of the stuff we worked for.

So many people are unhappy nowadays and I just really want to make a change. We are all scared to be ourselves and we tend to do what everyone else is doing. But just because everyone else does it, doesn’t make it right.

I think it is obvious the world is not in a good place right now. That is why I am doing all of this. I want to help all of you. I am already content with my life and I am happy and I could just keep to myself and live a simple life. But I believe I have a bigger purpose. I want to bring us all together.

I love learning so I spend almost all of my free time reading and researching. The reason I am pushing the whole vegan thing is because I truly think it will save the world. I feel so much better nowadays and it has helped me so much; and diet is a huge problem in society and I believe this simple choice will make a huge change. 

I know it is hard to make a huge change like this. But I want to be here to help everyone through it. You can come to me and ask me all the questions you would like. I can even try making a simple meal plan everyone can follow.

I at least want everyone to try it for a week. I am very confident you will feel soooo much better and it is soooo much better for the environment.

I know there are false beliefs that it is not nutritious, too expensive, not enough options, too hard, etc. That is why I am here to help you.

The reason there is not a lot of options is because there is no demand for vegan food. There is a demand for meat that is why there are options everywhere and it is easy and less expensive.

But vegan food is way better, healthier, and better for the environment so if more people choose not to eat meat then the demand for vegan food will go up and there will be way more options and it will be way cheaper and way easier.

Stop being scared to do things that are good for you. Stop being scared to be different.

I am not getting anything out of this. I am doing all of this for you because I truly want you to be happier and healthier.

I know that switching to a plant-based diet will be a huge step in making the world a better place. It will make everyone happier and healthier and it will solve a lot of environmental problems.

It will also show people that it is okay to change. It’s okay to do things differently.

Slavery used to be a norm, a lot of people supported it but knew it was wrong deep down. Eventually someone came around and made a change.

Smoking cigarettes used to be normalized. They said it was healthy. It was popular, and everyone did it. But soon it was realized it wasn’t healthy and it was just about the money.

The same goes for the meat and dairy industry. It is normalized. People think it is healthy and they do it because everyone else does and the media tells them to. But someone is going to change it. That someone is me.

Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them-Einstein 

I’m sorry this post was so long but I really appreciate your time. Don’t be scared to message me. Thank you.

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