Everything is Weird. Especially Eating Meat

Everything sounds ridiculous when it first starts out, but then it becomes a norm. 

Basketball-someone decided to bounce a round object and then throw it into a basket. Now it’s a billion dollar industry. 

Football-people trying to cross a line while holding a ball but other people are trying to stop them.

Baseball-someone throwing a ball while someone else tries to hit it with a stick and then run around as fast as they can trying to beat the ball to the destination

Golf-seeing who can hit a little ball in to a hole the fastest

Singing-talking in a different way while random noises play in the background. 

Acting-trying your best to pretend to be someone else in a random situation.

Eating-putting things in your mouth and swallowing them so you stay alive

*Eating meat-raping animals, putting them in cages and beating them and then hanging them from their feet and slitting their throats so we can cut them up and eat their flesh because we enjoy it.

**Eating only natural food. Growing food and then cooking it and eating it. No one has to die or be raped or tortured. And it makes everyone happier and it makes the world a better place. 

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