Changing to a Plant-Based (Vegan) Diet

For most people the food you eat is an unconscious decision. You automatically eat a chicken sandwich or a burger or something. You were raised this way and it’s a cultural and societal thing. 

Switching to a plant based diet is about changing those unconscious habits and decisions.

And it may take up some time and effort in the beginning but once you do it, it will become a habit and soon enough eating plant based foods is your new unconscious decision. And then you can focus on creating other good habits. 

It can be very uncomfortable to change and I understand that. It’s like starting a new exercise routine. It takes time and effort but it leaves you better off in the long run and it is the right choice. 

I was in the same boat as all of you. I thought going vegan was crazy because I always ate meat and almost everyone does.

I thought we needed meat. But through my research and my experience I have found we don’t need it and it is way healthier and better to not consume it.

So I am not hating on the people who do eat meat. It is just a lack of information and a misunderstanding. So I want to start giving you recipes and advice on how to start the transition.

We have the power to be healthier and save animals and save the planet so why not do it?

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