The Debate to End All Debates. Eating Meat is not Necessary and You Should Eat Plant-Based.

Most reasons for defending meat consumption might be genuine concerns due to the lack of knowledge but most of them are just plain excuses.

The meat and dairy industries are very powerful and wealthy.

We have been socially conditioned to think of some animals as companions and some others as food.

Most of us are are born and raised as omnivores so I believe we can all understand why change is difficult. Eating meat was society’s norm.

From the education system and the international food pyramid to mainstream media and cultural traditions, we have been, and still are, bombarded with the idea that eating animal products is not just normal, but essential.

The meat and dairy industry have a lot of money riding on keeping people in the dark when it comes to the consumption of animal products. That’s why they have been funding controversial studies to support their bias for years.

The reality is that people love hearing good things about their bad habits.

You all know deep down that what you are doing is wrong and you know you could be healthier and happier but you’re scared to make the change and do something different so you search for any excuse to defend your actions.

If you care about animal rights, the state of this planet, and your own health,  then there really shouldn’t be anything holding you back from embracing a vegan lifestyle.

“But we have always eaten meat and our ancestors did it to survive”

It was necessary then but it is not necessary now and it is unhealthy and harmful.

Our ancestors resorted to hunting for meat because they needed calories to get them through the cold winters when plant food was not in season.

“But I’m only one person. It won’t make a difference.”

Then why do you vote in elections?

People are followers.

Be the change that you want to see in the world.

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