The Most Beautiful Thing I Have Ever Thought Of

Inner Child by Erick Bawyn

You know how when a woman is pregnant she’s supposed to refrain from doing negative things?

We should all do the same so we don’t kill the child in us. 

We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing. 

We do all these things for short term pleasures but we are harming the real being that is inside of us. 

We chase all these pleasures and buy all these material things, searching for happiness, when the true meaning of life is inside of us all along. 

We need to start doing what is best for us so we can bring that inner child out. 

The inner child is what has all the dreams and passions. The inner child has a purpose. 

People try so hard to act grown up. But growing up is giving up. 

When you grow old you just learn to settle.


Bringing a child into the world gives your life a whole new meaning. So stop letting your visions and your inner passions be clouded by society. 

Stop trying to be someone that everyone expects you to be. 

Fill your mind and body with positive things that will help the child inside you grow as strong as possible. 

And when you are ready; release it in to the world. 

We all have a unique child inside of. With its own talents and passions. 

We need more individuality in this world, so stop being scared to be your true self. Let that inner child out. 

-Erick Bawyn

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