Fun Fact: Christmas Traditions are Based off Magic Mushrooms

I was always very curious where all of the Christmas traditions came from. So I started doing some research and a couple of years ago I found out that most traditions come from Magic Mushrooms.

Back in the day in many cultures there were Shamans. Shamans are spiritual teachers and masters. They were very popular around Europe and Siberia.

Every year, Shamans would go around and collect a type of Magic Mushroom called Amanita Muscaria.

This is what they look like:

As you can see they are white and red and they are under Evergreen (christmas) trees. And they signify red and white gifts under the tree. Therefore, the three Christmas colors (red, white, green)

These Shamans had long white beards and they would go around collecting the mushrooms and putting them in a big burlap sack.

The mushrooms are poisonous, so to get rid of the poison the shaman would hang them on the tree branches to dry. (Ornaments)

On Winter Solstice (December 21st), the Shaman would then go house to house and deliver the mushrooms to people.

Since it was Winter, people’s doors were covered with snow so the Shaman would sometimes drop the gifts down the chimney.

Reindeer were very common around Europe and Siberia. And they are known to eat these mushrooms. Maybe the Shamans ate the mushrooms and saw the reindeer fly?

Rudolph led all of the reindeer in the flying. Rudolph was said to have a red nose. (Reindeer eating an Amanita causing him to “fly”)

People who trip on Mushrooms sometimes see “Elves”

So the Shaman could be Santa and the elves are the elves they saw during the trip.

There is more to it but I’m going to end it here.

So to sum it up. These red and white mushrooms grew under evergreen trees. Christmas trees are evergreens and most gifts are red and white. Shamans wearing red and white, with big white beards collected these mushrooms in a big burlap sack and delivered them down the chimney in the winter time as gifts. People see “elves” whilst tripping. Reindeer eat these mushrooms. Nuff Said.

There is no way all of these things are just a coincidence.

Happy Holidays.

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