If You Feel the Need to Own a Gun You’re not a Man

The only reason we have all of these shootings is because citizens can buy and own guns. Without guns there would be way less murders and mass shootings. And yes I know people can get guns other ways as well. But if they were illegal and weren’t so highly produced people would have less access.

It is way harder and takes a lot more balls to go to a public place and kill people with your hands. Using a knife or any other object causes the killer to have to feel the person die.

Having to shove a knife into human flesh and feel their muscles and tendons tear and feel their bones break and have the blood on your hands and watch the person die in front of you is probably not an easy task.

I doubt someone could go in to a school and run around and stab 100 people without being stopped.

When you use a gun all you have to do is pull the trigger.

When someone is pissed off they want to cause harm. If they have a gun it will make it very easy to cause a lot of harm. If this person didn’t have a gun it wouldn’t even cross their mind to go out and kill a bunch of people.

If someone has a gun they will use it.

But I believe if you can’t defend yourself with your own tools you are not a man. You shouldn’t have to use a gun to do so.

When I was promoting veganism people would bring up how we are animals and killing other animals is just the circle of life.

So if someone really wanted to kill someone and they did so with just their hands then that is the circle of life.

If you can’t defend yourself from an attack from another animal, it is the circle of life.

Using a gun is unfair and it is not manly.

I know a lot of you will say that you need to have a gun for hunting. Again I don’t find it manly that you can kill an innocent animal with an OP weapon where all you have to do is hide in a tree and pull a trigger.

You can still hunt, but just use something that is more engaging and takes more human effort. It should be a fair fight, animal vs. animal.

Citizens should not be able to own guns and guns should be illegal.


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