This is Why We Exist

Without silence, there is no sound. Sound is just a disruption of silence. An absence of sound forever exists, until there is an interruption, we call this interruption sound. 

If there was no sound, than silence would not exist. But this is not possible. 

Without nothing there is no something. There needs to be nothing, for something to exist.

Nothing is just the absence of a thing. But if no thing existed, than the term nothing would not exist. It is impossible for nothing to exist; because nothing needs to be perceived as something. But with no thing to perceive it, it is not possible. Therefore we have to exist.

The space between you and your couch is nothing. Everything that “exists” is just a disruption of nothingness.

If there was no empty space between things we would all be one object. 

If you were to remove all of this nothingness; all of this empty space between things, there will be just one something. That something is Being. Others call it god. 

We are all one thing, but we are just spread out. 

It’s like a puzzle, there are hundreds of different pieces, but all of these pieces come together to form one thing. 

Everything is connected. 

The world only exists because we exist. 

“If a tree falls in the forest with no one to hear it does it make a sound?” 

I’m a firm believer that it does not make a sound, it creates energy and vibrations but that doesn’t make it a “sound”. Human ears create sound by transmitting that energy and vibration to something our mind can understand and make use of.

Without the human ear this sound would not exist. Same goes for everything else that we perceive to exist. 

The only thing that exists is Being itself. All of reality is One thing. Everything we perceive to exist; material objects, humans, thoughts, etc. are just an expression of Being. 

I always believed in a higher power but I didn’t want to believe in one singular “God.”

We are all “god” in a sense because we are all Being. 

*We have to exist, because nothing can’t exist. It is impossible for nothing to exist, because for their to be nothing, there has to be something.*

**Nothing is just the absence of a thing. So it is impossible for there to be nothing, if there is no thing to perceive it. **

***I know this sounds very confusing but I’m not sure how to better explain it. 

There cannot be an absence of something, if there is nothing to be able to lack that thing. 

Therefore it is impossible for nothing to exist.***

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