Bored in Quarantine?

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Right now, you have all the time in the world to do what you want. If you are bored, and all you do is sit around and complain, then you never lacked the time or money to do what you want to do with your life; you simply just aren’t living right.

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The “Normal Life”

      Nowadays you work almost your whole entire life at jobs you most likely do not enjoy just so you can retire at 65-70 years old.

      But once you retire what are you going to do with your life?

You worked your whole entire life so you can make some money and enjoy your life “work-free.”

      But you’ll end up just sitting around doing nothing and you’ll be bored and you’ll just complain. Because that is exactly what everyone is doing right now. (And don’t blame the stay at home order for your unhappiness)

      Most people don’t even know why they do what they do. They just follow what everyone else does because it is “normal.”

      You go to school, maybe college, and you work boring jobs to make all this money. Money that you spend on a house/apartment that you only get to use when you are sleeping. And when you do have free time to use the house that you work your ass off to pay for, you are bored and you don’t do anything except complain.

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      Or you save up a bunch of money to buy a nice vehicle. A nice vehicle you only use to drive to work-that place you hate.

      So, to sum it up: you work at a job your whole life that you don’t even enjoy. You work there to make money for a house and a car, things you barely get to use, and when you do, you aren’t even happy.

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Food and Material Objects

      You spend the rest of your money on food and “things.”

Food that is killing you and making you lazier and less attractive. Food that you choose to eat because it satisfies your taste buds for a couple minutes. But it brings along fatigue, obesity, heart disease, cancer, etc. But it’s sooooo worth it because it tastes good for a couple seconds huh.

If you do make it to retirement; with the average diet and lifestyle nowadays, you will most likely be miserable and unhealthy and on a bunch of medication. You will be too lazy and unhealthy to even do anything with all that money you worked your whole entire life to save up.


      You buy “things” that only make you happy for a couple seconds and then you take them for granted and just want the next best thing; the bigger and better thing. You are never satisfied with what you want, you always want more.

      This is why you will never truly be happy. You work to make money so you can have more stuff. Stuff that brings along temporary happiness and then you are bored and want more.

It is a never ending cycle and you will spend your whole life wanting more and soon enough you’ll be dead and realize you were never actually happy, because you never appreciated what you did have, you only focused on things you wanted.

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