Eating Meat Does Not Make You Manly

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Eating meat does not make you manly.

Falling for all the advertisements and being brainwashed does not make you manly.

Being obese and getting cancer and heart disease and diabetes does not make you manly.

Being fat and lazy and out of shape does not make you manly.

Paying for and supporting the rape, torture and slaughter of innocent animals is not manly.

Man Titties

It’s funny because non-vegans view vegans as feminine and not manly and weak.

But people who eat meat and consume dairy are literally less manly. 

You are breastfeeding from another animal as a grown man. You are consuming estrogen that literally makes you more feminine.

Soy does not affect the human body, because it is phytoestrogen from a plant.

Milk does effect the body because it is estrogen from a mammal.

You Got Played

All these companies make advertisements/commercials to trick you in to thinking you are manly if you eat meat. In reality, they just want your money; and you fell for it…so manly.

Yes, it is a manly sport to hunt for food and eat the animals that you killed; I’m not denying that.

But a majority of people don’t hunt and kill for their food. They pay someone else to do it….so manly.

(And the meat you eat isn’t even fair game; it’s raised in factory farms where the animals are constrained and raped and slaughtered)

If every man were to hunt and kill for their meat then it would be manly, but this not possible today and it is not sustainable.

And more importantly it is not necessary. Eating meat is only damaging your body and damaging the planet.

If you feel the need to assert your dominance by eating meat, then you are not a man.

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