Quick, Cheap and Healthy Meals-Rice

Rice is also very versatile

I like rice and broccoli with nutritional yeast

Rice and broccoli by itself

Rice and asparagus

Rice and beans

Rice, beans and veggies
Or one of my fav meals: Rice, beans, corn, salsa and avocado, And then eat it with tortilla chips.

(I also like to add Quinoa in with the rice when I cook it. Quinoa is a superfood and it is tasteless. So, add it in if you can.)

And with this you can add different seasonings and different sauces to switch it up.

Cooking instructions: If you have Minute rice then you just put the rice in a pot with water and cook it for like minutes. While it’s cooking put some oil in a pan to cook your broccoli or asparagus or whatever. You can also microwave some beans to add as well.

View the others here:




Nutritional Yeast is the shit. Go check out my post Cheese Alternative

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