No Nut-Why I do not Masturbate

Your nut is YOUR energy. You shouldn’t be giving your energy to other people. You shouldn’t be jerking off to random people on a screen having sex. It is your energy.

When you achieve something, you get a dose of dopamine. And for men our two instincts are to survive and procreate.

Since our goal is to survive and procreate; we are very attracted to the idea of having sex with women and this act releases a lot of dopamine. 

But when we just watch porn and masturbate we get that release of dopamine and it just seems so achievable and we trick our brain into thinking that something this ecstatic is very easy to achieve. 

So soon our brain is tricked in to thinking that very fulfilling things are very easy to achieve. 

This leads us to believe that we have to use no effort to achieve things. This causes us to be lazy and take shortcuts. 

So, when you undergo no fap, you train your brain to see that these things are not easily obtainable and we actually have to work for fulfilling things. And this makes you have more energy and motivation to achieve these things.  

 Your nut is your energy. You shouldn’t be releasing it everyday. It contains who you are, it contains your self-image and your confidence. You shouldn’t be releasing all of this energy into a random sock.

You should be keeping it within you. Letting it build up. Using it for good.

“Why would I give up masturbation when it feels good?”

Those couple minutes of pleasure aren’t worth giving away all of your energy and causing negative effects in your life.

I think we are all aware of post-nut syndrome. Once you bust that nut you just lay there, contemplating your actions.

More Benefits of No Fap

You also just have a clearer mind and so much more energy and motivation when you refrain from masturbation.

You can focus on important things and have enough energy to achieve those things. All it takes is to refrain from those couple minutes of pleasure.


There are many negative side effects to watching porn. 

You will have unrealistic expectations when it comes to sex.

This will lead you to being unsatisfied.

And the more porn you watch the more it takes you to reach that satisfaction. 

Things will only get worse and worse and this will lead to unhappiness.

It also leads to the objectification of women. You will just see women as sex objects. This will lead to failed relationships which will lead to further unhappiness.

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