I Went Two Weeks Without Bringing My Cellphone Anywhere

I am essential so I still work 5 days a week. My job consists of sitting around for 3 hours and working for 20 minutes. Everyone just sits down and mindlessly scrolls on their phone or watches videos or play games.
            I decided I wanted to be productive with that time. So now I bring a book to work everyday. Because of this, I have been reading 1-2 books everyday for two weeks straight.
            Reading, instead of mindlessly gazing at my phone, has provided me with many benefits. My work ethic and motivation are way higher. I enjoy life way more because I am always present and live in the moment. And I have learned so much.

These are just some of the books I finished in the past two weeks alone.

I also walk my dog at least 5 times a day. I used to just bring him to the dog park and then go sit on the bench and sit on my phone. But now that my phone is at home I live in the moment. I play with my dog and I enjoy nature and I socialize and I notice things I have never noticed before.
I have been free of stress and so much happier.

            Driving without a phone is also much safer. Although I do miss playing music, I now can drive in silence and use that time to meditate and gather all my thoughts and clear my mind.

I suggest everyone tries a digital detox. Try going 24 hours without your phone. Or try to keep your screen time under 2 hours every single day and see how much happier you are.

It’s crazy because with cellphones we have the ability to be so connected but yet it makes us so disconnected.

You are never truly present when you are on your phone. You are talking with your friends that are not with you, and ignoring the friends and family that are with you. And vice versa.

I didn’t go two weeks without my phone completely. Mostly because of school work and working on my blog and reading articles and watching YouTube videos.

But just by not bringing it out in public it changed my life drastically and I plan on keeping it up.

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