My 3 Biggest Fears

I am not scared of much in life. I am pretty laid back. I am not even scared of death (find out why here).

But there are 3 main things that I am terrified of.


The first thing is sharks. Not just sharks in general but being out in the middle of the ocean and seeing a shark fin coming towards me and being attacked by a shark. It is not just the shark that scares me; it is the fear of the unknown. I am scared of the ocean because of how deep and unknown it is. Being in the middle of the ocean with miles and miles on unknown land and unknown creatures gives me the heebie jeebies.

I know that being scared of sharks is pretty silly because there’s only a couple of shark attacks a year; but it still scares tf out of me. I think I watched too many Jaws movies and too many Shark Weeks when I was younger.

But the cool thing is I want to go swimming with sharks to get over my irrational fear. I think I will be very anxious at first but after awhile I’ll see that I was being overdramatic and there’s not much to be scared of.


The second thing I am scared of is being buried alive or being stuck in a tight place. I am very, very claustrophobic. Like I can’t even stand being wrapped in a blanket. I just do not like any physical restraint. Even wearing tight athletic clothes makes me very uncomfortable. So being buried alive would be absolutely terrifying for me. I think I would pass out from being so uncomfortable and so overwhelmed. For some reason I watched a movie about someone being buried alive. I did not enjoy it, I was anxious af the whole time.


The last thing I am scared of is much deeper than being buried alive. The third thing I am scared of is wasted potential; or not living up to my expectations.

I feel like I have a pretty big purpose. I was definitely put on this planet for a reason. So although it’d be nice to just live a life full of pleasure I don’t think I would never be truly happy if I was neglecting my bigger purpose.

I would not be able to die happily if I feel like I did not complete what I was put here to do.

I believe everyone has a special purpose. Click here to find out why you are important too.

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