Why I Am Not Afraid of Death

I believe there was never a time where I, you or anyone has not existed. Everything has always existed and always will exist (Read Why We Exist Here).

Just like how you are the same person but in different bodies throughout your life; baby, child, adult, senior. You will also acquire a new body once yours perishes; and you will still be the same person/the same soul. The body is mortal but the soul is immortal. Just like when you outgrow your clothes you get new ones; you outgrow your body and get a new one.

The soul is unchangeable. The soul is not affected by pain, sadness, death.

If you live in fear of death you will never acquire the strength to truly live. You will be cautious and live a comfortable, risk-free life.

Those who become aware of their immortal soul will always live a life of happiness. You will never forget who you are and you will never forget your purpose.

Death is just another part of life. Do not fear it, or you will never truly live.

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