PSA: I Am Not Crazy, You Are

I think it’s funny how once someone starts living differently people just assume they’re “crazy.”

I choose not to eat dead animals and I choose to be healthy and happy and somehow that makes me crazy. 

I choose to go to my dream school and move somewhere beautiful and sunny; and that somehow makes me crazy. 

I live a life in which I am actually happy and enjoy life to the fullest. 

I chose to follow my passions and find my true purpose in life. 

I put all my effort in to changing the world and making it a better place. 

I escape the rat race and no longer have to work a 9-5 until I’m old. I choose not to just pay bills and buy things my entire life and be miserable and somehow I’m the crazy one?


The funny thing is that calling me insane is completely contradictory. 

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

I’m Not Crazy, Life Is

I was unhappy with my life. I was unhappy with how society is. So I did a bunch of things to change it. I am constantly trying new things. I am constantly stepping outside of my comfort zone. 

Yet most people do the same thing their whole entire life and expect to randomly find happiness one day. People don’t ever leave their home town. They just work the same boring jobs their whole life expecting some miracle to save their life. In my eyes, that is complete insanity. 

It is insane to stay in the same place and do the same thing everyday when you are unhappy. 

I escaped that. I am now living life to the fullest and I am truly happy. 

Just because I do things differently, doesn’t make me crazy. Doing the same thing over and over again and just following what everyone else does is crazy. 

If you are unhappy, make a change in your life. Step outside of your comfort zone and take some risks. That is what life is all about. 

I am here to help you and guide you through the way. That is why I do what I do. I created this blog to help those that are feeling lost. 

I was in the same exact boat. I escaped it. 

Now it is my job to help everyone that I can. 

I am not crazy. I am not on drugs. I simply just escaped the norms because the way we are doing things obviously isn’t working. 

I want to help everyone be happy and find their true selves. 

I am here to help you. I am not talking down on you. I am not acting superior. 

I sincerely want to help everyone and make the world a better place. 

I may come off as an asshole but I am simply just giving tough love to motivate you. 

I do not fit in with this world because I was sent here to create a new one. 

Yeah, the stuff I do may seem weird, but that is because you are not used to it. 

But the stuff I do brings true happiness and it makes the world a better place. 

So if you truly want to be happy and find your passions and fulfill your purpose in life then don’t be scared to listen to me. 

I am weird and different but my intentions are pure. Everyone is weird and unique. You gotta embrace it and stop being scared to express yourself. 

We are here to have fun and enjoy life. We are here to learn and grow. We need to stop taking it so seriously and we have to especially stop with all the hate. 

Love, joy and happiness is where it’s at. 

I know everyone has that feeling deep down in them that there is more to life. Everyone can feel that void. 

I am here to confirm that there is a lot more to life than just working and buying things. 

Big changes are coming soon. I am here to help you get ready for these changes and find your true self and become the best version of yourself possible. 

Much love. 

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