Trying To Help A Homeless Man Achieve His Dreams

Last night I met a homeless Vietnam war veteran. He asked if I would like to hear his poetry in exchange for money. 

I told him I’d love to. 

He had 3 different poems that he read to me. He offered me autographed copies for $10 a piece. 

Him reading them added so much to it because he had a beautiful voice. He told me he wanted to get in to voice acting. 

Now, I personally give a lot of money to the homeless. But I never just hand them the money and then leave, because there is no lesson learned. They will spend it on whatever and just go right back to 0. 

I like to sit down and have at least a 10 minute conversation with them. I ask them what keeps them going. I ask what their dreams are. I then give them some words of advice and then supply them with a good amount of money for them to get their lives back together. 

This man was special because he had his poetry. He told me it has been his dream for the past 18 years to have his poetry reach as many people as possible. But he said sadly he hasn’t been able to get off the streets so he can’t reach that many people. 

He told me he doesn’t care about the fame or money. He just wants his poems to spread positivity and happiness. 

I told him I would do my best to help. Here is his poetry:

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