How to End All of this Hate and Have World Peace

To Spread Love You Need To Have Love To Spread.

To Spread Peace You Must Have Peace Within.

World peace; love and happiness starts with You.

Stop blaming others.

Stop waiting for someone else to come make a change.

To Change The World You Must First Change Yourself

If the world was lacking money you could not help change the world if you were poor.

You cannot give something you do not have.

Right now the world is lacking love and peace. You cannot spread love if you do not truly love yourself. You cannot spread peace if you do not have peace in your mind and are truly happy with your life.

No amount of protesting and pointing fingers will make a change.

Changing the world all starts with You.

The Sad Truth

Nobody is thinking for themselves nowadays. People just hear something and repeat it. 

Nobody wants to take the time to improve themselves and fix their own life. Everyone just points fingers and blames everyone else. 

To change the world you need to first change yourself.  (How to Change The World)

Everyone needs to fix their own shit first. 

It’s a hard pill to swallow but the truth is, you are in complete control of your life. 

You are responsible for your own happiness. 

When you are not in control of your thoughts, your thoughts control you. 

If you aren’t able to face and fix your own problems how do you expect the world to change?

When you are stuck in your mind you no longer have access to your heart. 

Unhappiness and anger starts with YOU. If you are unhappy with something you tend to blame others. You blame society. 

Everyone needs to take responsibility for their unhappiness and stop pointing fingers. You are responsible for your own life. 

You need to face your problems. Change yourself and you will change the world. Lead by example. Practice what you preach. 

(Do You Even Know Yourself?) Here is a link to see if you truly even know who you are.

The Root of Racism and Hatred

Racism and hate is spread by the media to divide us. They only show the dark side of things on the news to indict fear and hatred. 

The people in power have all the power in the world to make a change. But they need to keep us divided for them to remain in power. 

It’s 8 billion of us against a couple thousand of them. 

When we are unhappy with our lives we tend to blame others. We blame all the negative stuff we see in the news.

There is no way the world can be changed if we do not first change ourselves.

How to Spread Love

To spread love you need to have love to give. To spread love you need to love yourself. (How to Love Yourself)

You cannot give something you do not have. 

And sadly not many people can say they truly love themselves. 

To have peace you need peace within. 

But all of us are fighting battles in our heads 24/7. We fear we are not good enough. We are not at peace.

Peace and love starts with You. 

The world is just a reflection of yourself.

Racism is just another form of pointing fingers. People watch the news and all the news shows, is negativity. So people are only able to see the bad side of things. 

They instantly assume all African Americans are bad because that is what they are told. 

Other races automatically assume all white people are racist and privileged. 

The news spreads these stereotypes because they only show the negativity. They are trying to separate us so we can’t come together and take back our power. 

How to Love Yourself

To love your life you need to either Accept it or Change it. 

Nobody is perfect. We are all unique.

If you do not fit in with this world that means you were here to create a new one. 

If you don’t want to work a pointless job for the rest of your life just to pay bills and buy things then you were created for the new world. 

Stop comparing yourself to others. 

If we all loved ourselves there would be no more hate to spread. 

Hatred happens when you are unhappy and blame others. But when you take control of your life and find love within there is no more finger pointing. 

If you love yourself you will love others. If you hate yourself you will hate others. 

World peace, love and happiness is not something we find out in the world. It does not require an agreement between everyone. 

World peace, love and happiness comes from within. 

If everyone had peace within and loved themselves, then there would be no more hatred left to spread. 

To change the world you must first change yourself. 

(How to Love Yourself)


Changing the world is a lot easier than it may seem.

We cannot blame people for the way they act. We are conditioned to hate each other.

The people in power will do anything to keep us separated.

If we were to come together and fight back they would have no chance of winning so they do everything they can to keep us divided.

To change this we all need to focus on ourselves first.

When you are unhappy with your life you tend to blame others.

You cannot spread peace and love if you do not have love and peace for yourself.

If everyone changed themselves the world would change.

Take control of your life.

Face your problems head on. Stop running from your thoughts. Stop distracting yourself.

Get out of your head and stop letting your mind control you.

Take control of your mind so you can gain access to your heart.

We need more love in this world.

And it all starts with You.

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Thank you for your time

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