We Are Amongst WWIII: Old age vs new age

The world is going through a big change. It’s just an uncomfortable time. It’ll pass once we all learn the lesson. But everyone refuses to change their ways and what goes around comes around. We are all paying for what we do to the earth and all of the negative energy is being reciprocated. 

We’re at war between the old and the new. 

The old is trying to keep things the way they are but those things don’t work in this age. 

The new agers are trying to change the ways and apply new perspectives and new ways of living.

But the old gained too much power in the previous age so they can easily contain us and prevent us from making the necessary changes. 

The old has all the power so they can easily convince us that the old ways are right. But the new age people are gaining in numbers and slowly gaining strength so we’re in a huge battle right now. 

The old age was about creating the life we have right now. It was focused on industrial revolution and creating the technological advancements that the new age now possesses. 

In the old age it was forced to look upon leaders to help create these advancements. 

This caused leaders such as the government and big companies to acquire immense amounts of power. 

Whilst in the new age these people do not want to give up their power. They want to stay in control. They feed off the money, power and control. 

But we are amongst the new age and in this age it is all about individuality. We are now all able to express our talents freely with the use of the technological advancements created in the previous age. 

The new agers are trying to become individualized and take their own paths to success and happiness. But the old agers are still trying to control everyone and make everyone sheep so they can profit at us. 

So there is an internal and external war amongst us. The old age is doing everything they can to keep things the way they are. But to advance as a society and fulfill our purposes we need to transition between the ages. 

The old agers gained so much money and power in the previous age so they still have so much control. Us new agers are confused and are at a conflict because we are unsure what we want. Our heart desires individual purpose and happiness. But our superiors are trying to force us to be the same and follow orders blindly.

To win this war we need to stop giving in to their ways. We all need to be doing what we know is right. We need to fight for equality and individuality. 

We are all unique and have our own talents. 

The world a going through a huge transformation and everyone plays a part. 

So stop giving in to the media. Stop doing things just because that’s how they have always been done. 

Start doing what you know is right. Do what makes you happy. 

We are not born to pay bills and die. There is so much more to life. 

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