Eating Dogs and Other Animals Is The Same



These first two photos should make you uncomfortable. It is hard to see such innocent living beings being mistreated and murdered just because people enjoy the taste of them.

We see dogs as companions so it hurts our hearts to see them be treated as nothing.

News Flash

All animals want the same thing. They all want to survive and be loved and live a happy life.

No animal wants to live in a cage for its whole life and be mistreated and then ultimately murdered and chopped up and eaten at a young age.

All animals have the capacity to love and show compassion.

It is not fair to choose one type of animal to have as a companion and then choose to mistreat, murder and eat all the other ones.


Speciesism is just like racism. It is viewing one type of living being over another. It is believing humans are superior to other animals. It is also believing that some species are better than others. Such as dogs are more worthy of life than pigs.

We choose to nurture one, and then mindlessly murder and eat the flesh of another.


Not being able to notice that link forms something called cognitive dissonance. You have certain beliefs about something but then totally contradict it with your actions.

In this example you may claim to love animals. You care for animals and those first two pictures disgusted you. You think that it is wrong to hurt such a harmless animal just to pleasure tastebuds.

But then you turn around and go eat some chicken, steak or pork.

How We Are Raised

We are raised to believe that some animals are pets and some are food. We are also raised to believe that we are better than any other living thing on earth and so we can do whatever we want.

But believing one species is superior over another leads to huge problems.

This can be directly correlated to the movement that is upon us right now.

Black Lives Matter

Humans are raised to believe we are superior to other living things. We believe dogs are more worthy of life than pigs.

This trains our mind to view some things as better than others. It forms a disconnect in our mind.

We no longer see all things as equal.

We willingly mistreat some species and nurture others.

Black lives are neglected. Black people are mistreated whereas white people have all the privilege in the world.

A black person’s life gets taken and it’s just “normal.”

But when it is a white person it is viewed way differently and it receives entirely different consequences.

Killing Dogs

The same goes for animals. If a dog is killed it’s the end of the world. Everyone gets upset.

But when billions of cows, pigs, chickens, etc. are murdered everyday; everyone just accepts it and then proceeds to eat the dead flesh of these victims.

Eating Meat Will Kill Us

As of now we are still suffering from the consequences of the coronavirus.

Us humans cause these pandemics with our actions. Our choice to eat large amounts of dead animal flesh exposes the world to more and more diseases.

99% of the meat we eat is factory farmed.

Factory farms are buildings full of blood, disease, misery, etc.

New Deadly Virus

More and more diseases will be coming with the increase of demand of meat.

I can guarantee a new virus will be emerging soon.

The next virus will most likely be from pigs.

This virus will actually be deadly.

There will be another pandemic soon and it will be caused by pigs and it will be deadly.

Learn Your Lesson

What comes around goes around. Everything has a consequence.

Our choice to murder billions of animals just to pleasure our taste buds is coming back to us and we are paying for it.

Eating processed meats causes heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, obesity etc.

These are all leading killers amongst humans.

The viruses caused by eating dead animal flesh will cause even more deaths.

These pandemics will not stop until we stop eating so many animal products.


There is no difference between eating dogs and eating pigs. They are both composed of flesh and are considered meat.

Valuing the life of a dog over a pig is speciesist. Having these views can lead to racism.

The pandemic and racism are the two biggest problems we face. Both are linked to the consumption of animals.

If we want all of this suffering to end it all starts on our plate.

Everyone must make the connection that all animals are equal and we should not be torturing and murdering them for our pleasure.

The consumption of animals is destroying our planet and killing us.

A new virus is right around the corner and this one will be deadly. I promise you that.

You can help prevent it by cutting down on meat products and by eating more natural, plant-based foods.

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