How Do You Expect to Reach Your Peak When You’re Being Weighed Down by Your Past?

What is the point of life if we’re not always moving forward and experiencing new things?

But to reach your full potential you need to be present and making the most out of every moment.

Your full potential is out there somewhere. That is what you should always be striving for. But how do you expect to get there while carrying all of this baggage?

The Past

The past is the past. There is nothing you can do about it.So hanging on to it doesn’t do you any good. It only exists in your mind and so to get rid of it you just have to come to the present moment and realize all that you have is right now. It is always right now.

But you can’t fully enjoy the present moment if you’re constantly carrying all of this baggage behind you. It doesn’t let you reach your full stride.

The Purpose of Life

The whole reason humans exists is to live and learn. Everything in life is a learning experience.

EVERY. SINGLE.THING in life is just a lesson. You are supposed to learn something from it, improve upon it, and move on. It makes no sense to just carry that thing around with you everywhere.

Relationships Example

I’m sure most of you here have been in one relationship or more. Once the relationship is over it can be very sad but eventually you get over it and learn from it.

You may learn that they weren’t the one because you deserve more. You may learn that you had some shit to figure out and were just using them as a distraction. You may learn that you were just lonely and wanted someone there you.

Whatever it is, it almost always eventually passes, and then you move on.

But imagine every time you ended a relationship you dragged your ex behind you. Instead of just learning and moving you on, you keep them with you and lug them around everywhere.

Your Past is Holding You Back

It’s not just relationships. It’s every single experience. You have to learn to just accept things for what they are and get over them and move on. Life goes on.

If you just push things to aside and say you’ll deal with them later, soon enough you’ll have so much baggage to carry around.

*This shit would get tiring. It would be hard to find new relationships when you’re still stuck with the old one. It will be hard to accomplish things and succeed in life when you are constantly carrying all of this stuff with you.


Become conscious of your everyday decisions. Stop living everyday on pilot mode.

Start facing your problems and learning from them and then moving on.

The past is the past. There is nothing you can do about it except think about it and dwell on it, but that doesn’t get you anywhere. When you’re dwelling on the past you are neglecting the present moment.

You may not be able to change the past but every single moment is a fresh start. To improve your life and reach your full potential you need to cut off the past and focus only on the present moment and make the most out of every single moment so you can create the best possible future for yourself.

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