How to save a shit ton of money

Would you drive your dog somewhere just to have someone else feed them for 10x the price just because you were too lazy to dump the food in to the bowl yourself?

And the food you pay 10x the price for is way unhealthier than the food at home. 

If not then why do people choose to do this for themselves?

The Purpose of Food

Food is just something our body needs for energy. Our body performs functions to keep us alive. It burns energy in doing so. So we need to eat some food to fuel it. 

That is all food is for us. 

The healthier the food the better our body runs. 

Our body needs certain nutrients to run well. Each part of our body serves a different function. They all need certain nutrients to function well.

But people choose to eat fake processed food and pay 10x more for it just because they’re too lazy to make it themselves. And because it “tastes good.”

You do not get the proper nutrients from this food. This food is full of fat, sugar and salt. This is why it “tastes so good.”

But your body cannot use all the fat, sugar and salt. So it causes your body to malfunction. You gain weight and don’t have enough energy to do the things you want to.

It Just Doesn’t Make Sense

You pay 10x the price for the food and all it does it make your life worse. It makes you unhealthier and worse looking. It doesn’t even give you any energy. 

You do all of this just because you were to lazy to turn the stove on and heat up some food yourself. 

You do all of this just to satisfy your taste buds for a couple minutes. 

It just doesn’t make sense to me. 

You can save hundreds of dollars a week if you just ate at home. 

You can be super healthy and have so much energy and just look so much better. 

(This one hotdog probably cost a couple dollars. Could make it at home for like $0.10)

I Was The Same Way

I’m not hating though. I was in the same exact boat. 

I started working very young and always had a bunch of money laying around. I would waste soooo much money on food. I was always buying fast food. Always buying snacks from the gas station. I could’ve saved thousands of dollars if I just ate food at home. 

Seriously tho. You can save a ridiculous amount of money by cooking your own meals. 

Food is just our energy source. There’s no point of being unhealthy and living an unproductive life just so you can satisfy your taste buds for a couple minutes. 

(Apple that will give you energy and make you feel good for a couple cents vs a bag of Cheetos that will make you gain weight and cost a couple dollars just so you can satisfy your taste buds for a couple seconds)

How Much Money You Will Save

I spend about $1 per meal. I spend maybe $5 a day.

Eating at restaurants and fast food places and buying snacks at gas stations and stores is incredibly expensive.

Just buying an energy drink and a candy bar costs more than what I spend in a day eating 3 full meals and multiple snacks.

You could save about $1,000 a month if you started cooking at home. I think everyone could use an extra $1,000 per month.

You will save the most money if you follow a plant-based diet.

Meaning you will buy mostly pasta, oats, beans, bread, potatoes, tortillas, fruits and veggies.


Would you rather stay at home and save $1,000 a month to be happy and healthy; Possibly lose weight and have a bunch of energy?


Would you rather drive somewhere and spend 10x the amount of money to buy food that makes you unhealthier and gain weight and have less energy and just be a less productive person overall?

The choice is yours.

I know a lot of people claim to not have the time or people say they don’t know how to cook.

But it is honestly very easy. All it takes it a couple minutes to make a tasty, cheap and healthy meal.

This is such an easy way to save a shit ton of money, and be healthier and happier.

You can make meals like this in 10 minutes or less and it will only cost you $1-$2. These meals are way healthier and will leaving you feeling so much better.


You can drive somewhere to pay $10 for a unhealthy meal like this. Pay 10x more just to gain weight and feel shitty.

The choice is yours. I will start posting a bunch of easy recipes for those who are willing to make a change.

I believe in you. Cooking is a lot easier than it seems. I just want to help you save money and be healthier. I wish I would’ve known this information like 10 years ago.

Just start with one meal a day.

Best of luck to you.

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