You Have Two Options in Life: Change or Stay the Same

It feels like everyone is just magically waiting for their lives to get better.

Everyone wants to have more money, be more successful, get in better shape, be happier and so on.

But the truth is, most people do not put in the work.

To see improvements in your life you must be willing to put in the work.

To change; you must make yourself uncomfortable. You cannot change and be comfortable at the same time.

A caterpillar turning in to a butterfly is not a comfortable transition. But it brings along with it so many opportunities and gives the insect a much better life.


Life is all about choices. Every second of your life you are making choices. There’s always a good and a bad choice.

A good choice is something that will make you better in the long run, it will improve your life and help you reach your full potential.

A bad choice is usually something that feels good in the moment but it will prove detrimental to your life in the long run. For example; eating a whole pizza sounds great and you may enjoy it; but afterwards you have to face the consequences and now you’re facing a set back.

When you choose the good thing over the bad it makes you feel good and it’s empowering. When this happens you want to make more good choices and soon it becomes a habit and all of a sudden your life is amazing.


It’s all the small things in life that determine how successful and happy you’ll be.

Choices create your day to day life, those choices lead to habits, and then your habits become who you are and create your whole entire life.

So to change your life you must first start making better choices.

How to Completely Change Your Life for the Better

Like I said earlier there are good and bad choices.

For the most part nowadays the bad choices are instantly gratifying choices; whereas the good choices leave you better off in the long run.

As humans with a lot of freedom, we always want the instantly gratifying choices. We want to always just feel good right now. We want to be comfortable.

But those choices are usually very damaging in the long run.

Some examples are:

  • eating junk food over healthy food
  • Watching TV instead of exercising
  • Scrolling on phone instead of reading
  • And so on

These things may seem like harmless acts at first but the truth is they become habits. And habits create your life.

The Truth

Although instant gratification feels great, it is ruining your life.

The things that make human beings so special is we have an awareness/consciousness and this awareness brings along free will.

Free will allows us to make choices at every moment of our lives.

We can choose something that makes us happy right now which will soon become very detrimental to our well-being.


We can choose the thing that is way better for us in the long run and will truly make us happy and create the life we are all striving for.


You are faced with choices at every moment in your life. If you keep choosing to be comfortable and making the easy choices you will be stuck in the same exact place your whole entire life.

To create the life you have always wanted and to be truly happy you need to start making better choices; because choices lead to habits and habits constitute your whole life.

So start choosing the healthier meal, start going to the gym more, start reading more, spend less time on social media, etc.

All of these little choices will add up to something great and before you know it you will be living an amazing life and will be truly happy.

Your Support is Greatly Appreciated

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