Proof That Vegan Food Is Healthier

So, I was just writing a blog post and wanted to find a good picture and so I typed in “unhealthy food” and I got these results here:

I was curious to see what would happen if I searched “healthy food,” here are the results:

If you don’t believe me just do a simple google search and look at the results you get.

Can you see the difference?

Almost 90% of the food considered “unhealthy” is meat products.

Almost every single food that is considered “healthy,” is plant based and vegan; except one piece of salmon.

Yet, people still try to argue that a plant based diet isn’t healthy?

My argument has always been that a plant-based diet is healthier than the average American diet.

The reason I advocate for a plant-based vegan diet is because meat products are the main contributor to someone eating an unhealthy diet. This is because people choose to eat fast food which is full of processed junk. The “unhealthy” food photo above proves just that.

If someone switched to a plant-based vegan diet they will be cutting out meat so they will no longer be eating fast food and other processed “unhealthy” food.

Therefore, a plant based diet is the best diet someone could choose because it is the healthiest and cheapest.

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