The Difference Between There, Their and They’re

When people use there, they’re and their wrong I get pretty triggered. So hopefully this explanation will help you learn the difference so you can start using the correct one.

When to use There

There is basically the opposite of here. There refers to a location or it simply means in or at that place.

It is over there.

The car is over there.

The book is over there.

There it is.

And so on.

When to use They’re

They’re is just a contraction of they are.

They’re hungry.

They’re very angry.

And so on.

When to use Their

Their is the possessive form of they. Therefore, it simply means, “belonging to them.”

It is their book.

It is their house.

It is their vehicle.

And so on.

I think people get confused with the apostrophe in you’re and they’re because usually an apostrophe shows possession. So, people mix up they’re and their, but their shows possession and they’re is just short for they are.

How to Remember Which One to Use

The best way to remember is to realize the word there has the word here in it. Because there is the opposite of here, therefore it represents location.

Whereas they’re is just short for they are so when trying to decide which form to use ask yourself if it is short for they are. And if it showing possession, meaning if it belongs to someone, use the word their.

Another commonly misused homophone is your and you’re. Find out the difference here.

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