The Biggest Key to Success

We are in a time where we are surrounded with something called instant gratification. With the advancements of technology and society as a whole, things are so much easier to obtain. If you need to find out some information you can just Google it in a couple seconds.

With all this instant gratification we tend to condition ourselves to believe that fulfilling things are very easy to obtain. This makes it a lot harder for us to work and strive for a goal.

If we don’t see instant results we immediately get discouraged. For example, most people want to be in better shape, so they want to start exercising more and eating healthier. But after working out once, there’s not many noticeable differences so we try to find something easier like some miracle pill that burns fat.

My Experience

I have always been that person that is naturally smart, and things tend to be a lot easier for me. I was that kid that everyone hated because I didn’t need to study for tests, and I would still get an A.

I could just pick anything up and be instantly good at it. This talent of mine is a blessing and a curse. Since most things are super easy for me, it’s hard for me to work at something that takes a lot of practice and hard work. For example, I’ve always wanted to know how to play the piano and guitar. But if I wasn’t instantly a master after 10 minutes, I’d get very discouraged and just give up. But a lot of things in life take a shit ton of time and practice to master. 

The Biggest Key to Success

I believe the biggest key to success is consistency. The universe rewards consistency so much. But like I said it’s very hard nowadays with all of this instant gratification. But if you keep on grinding and you don’t give up on your dream you will make your breakthrough someday.

When I started this blog, I was only getting 10-50 views a day. I got very discouraged at first and kept giving up. Instead of just working and grinding, I spent my time looking up ways to reach more viewers. Instead of just writing blog posts and improving my blog as a whole, I was searching for the easy way out.

I would look at all of these other blogs and see how many views they got, and I would feel bad for myself. 

But the most important thing I’ve learned throughout this process is, DO NOT COMPARE YOUR BEGINNING TO SOMEONE ELSE’S MIDDLE.

We all have to start somewhere.

You have to realize that all of these successful people worked their asses off to get where they are now. Success isn’t just handed to you; you have to work for it.

So, I decided to just focus on myself and focus on my own goal. Now I’m up to around 1,800 views a day, and it will only keep growing the more I work for it.


If you really want something in life, do not give up on it. Your day will come. Focus on yourself. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

All of these successful people you idolize are just normal people like you and me. The only difference is they know what they want, and they work their ass off for it.

When lying on your death bed you won’t be sitting there thinking about all of the things you regret doing. You will be thinking about all of the things you regret not doing. There will be so many “what ifs.” What if I just followed my dream. What if I just had the courage to ask that pretty girl out. And so on.

Do not be scared of failure. Failure is just a way of showing you that you’re either not ready yet, or that the method you’re using isn’t the right one. Just because you don’t succeed on the first try doesn’t mean you’re a failure. You’ll get it right eventually; you just have to keep trying.

Find your purpose. Ask yourself what you are passionate about. We all have our special talents. Do that thing every day and master it.

Just because you’re not a pro at first doesn’t mean you should give up. The universe rewards consistency. And most importantly, stop comparing yourself to other people. Be your own role model.

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