Law Of Attraction-Acorn Example

Recently I read a book by Bob Proctor called You Were Born Rich. It’s a very good book that talks about how when we are born our minds are a clean slate. We have a direct connection with the universe. 

But over time through traumas and certain conditioning we tend to lose that connection.  We tend to believe we aren’t worthy of rich and successful lives. We tend to get distracted by the material/physical world. 

But anyways, in this book he talks about the Law of Attraction. If you don’t know this term by now you should look it up because it truly does dictate your whole life. I will also be making more posts about this universal law in the future. 

But in this post I just wanted to elaborate on his example of the Law of Attraction in nature. In this example he talks about an acorn. 

The Acorn Example

What’s weird is I’ve always been very intrigued by the idea that a tiny little acorn can turn into a huge oak tree. It never really made sense to me how such a tiny thing can just turn in to a much bigger thing out of nowhere. 

An acorn basically has a predetermined pattern programmed in to it. Once the acorn is in the dirt it begins to attract everything it needs to grow in to a oak tree. 

The acorn is set to a certain vibration/frequency of growing. It’s programmed to become an oak tree. Therefore it attracts everything it needs to grow; such as water, sunlight, nutrients, minerals, etc.

The acorn is always what it will become. It just needs time to grow. And it will attract everything that it needs to grow in to an oak tree. 

The acorn also repels all of the energy that is not tuned in to its vibration of growing. 

The same goes for humans. If you can learn how the Law of Attraction works you can manifest anything you want. The goal is to be in the frequency of what you’re seeking. 

Everything in the world is energy. Everything operates at a certain frequency. It’s basically like a radio where each frequency is a different station that has different information. If you want something in your life such as more money, a better job, a new vehicle, etc. you need to act as if you already have it. You need to be tuned in to the frequency of what you want. 

If you only focus on the things in which you lack, you will  begin to attract more of the things that you lack. If you lack money and you’re always thinking about how you are broke, you are operating on a frequency of poorness and you will only attract things that will make you feel poor. More bills will appear, you’ll get a flat tire or something that makes you spend more money and become even poorer. 

The goal of this human life is to raise your vibration as high as possible. So to do this you need to be consuming things with a high vibration.

I will get in to this more in a later blog post. 

I just thought this was a very interesting example and it helps us understand the Law of Attraction a bit more. 

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