Knowledge Is Not Power

My whole life I have just loved learning. I love to read books, watch YouTube videos and watch documentaries. 

I have always believed the old cliché saying that knowledge is power. Although knowledge itself is very useful and good to have, I no longer believe that knowledge is power.

There was a 10 month span last year where I read one book every day. I learned a lot and I felt myself become smarter and my vocabulary increased, but there was something missing.

And then I read a book in which the author said something important. He claimed that knowledge is not power, the application of knowledge is power.

In that moment it clicked, and I realized what I was missing. I was reading all of these self-help books. I have read over a hundred self-help books and I did see some improvements in my life.But it wasn’t until I started applying this knowledge to my life that I started seeing huge breakthroughs.

Breaking Old Habits

I have a bad habit of wanting to finish books as fast as possible. I don’t know why but I always see it as a race. I just felt very accomplished finishing a book and I always believed that the goal was to read as much as possible. But then I started reading books more slowly and writing down useful information. I even started re-reading chapters and re-reading books until the information was burned into my brain and I actually fully understood what the author was saying.

I kept a journal with all of this useful information from all these books and I would read all of this information every day and I started applying it to my life.

In a previous post I talked about how you become what you think. You can see that post here.

I applied this belief to my life, and I would constantly read all of this information in my free time until I reprogrammed my subconscious mind.

I made it so I was always thinking about my goals and always thinking about wealth and success.

I no longer just stored all of this information in the back of my head. I was actually using this knowledge and applying it to my life every day.

Nowadays, I can learn way more from reading one book a week and taking notes, rather than reading one book every day and finishing it as fast as possible and then immediately moving on to the next one.

Ever since I started applying knowledge to my life instead of just gathering as much knowledge as possible, I have seen so many more improvements and breakthroughs in my life.

All of the information in books is utterly useless unless you put it in to action. Gathering all of this information in your head without using it is like acquiring as much money as possible but never using it. It’s just pointless pieces of paper at that point.

This life is all about action and experience. Taking action is the only way to grow.

This is why I no longer believe that knowledge is power; The application of knowledge is power.

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