Being Comfortable is Destroying Your Life

Being comfortable sounds good and all, but honestly it is doing way more harm than good. Being stuck in your comfort zone has a lot of negative consequences. 

Your comfort zone consists of what is safe and easy. It is the thing you do over and over again, and it feels safe because you know the outcome. Although this may sound good, it is holding you back. Without taking risks you will never be able to follow your dreams and become who you are supposed to be.

When you take risks and get out of your comfort zone you can learn who you truly are. You learn what keeps you going. When in the comfort zone, you are just on autopilot, you are being controlled by your subconscious mind. You are like a programmed computer just repeating everything. And this is not your true self.

When you branch out and remove yourself from this monotony you are now conscious of your decisions. You are acting through your true self. You are now able to access all of the knowledge and power you were unaware of. 

When acting through your true self, you can now grow and change, new doors will open. Doors you never had access to whilst in your comfort zone.

Being comfortable causes you to become complacent and bored. Although you feel safe, you know you’re not reaching your full potential. You will become less and less satisfied with your life.

Being content makes you lose what makes you unique.

We are all on this planet for a reason. We all have our own individual talents and skills. But if you get into a routine that doesn’t allow you to grow and change, your uniqueness disappears. You just become another sheep. You just conform to the social norms and you become a nobody.

The Unknown

The unknown is such a beautiful place. You can discover so much about the world and so much about yourself. When in your comfort zone you may have dreams and hopes, but if you never switch up your routine to chase those dreams, the dreams die.

If you take a step into the unknown, you are your true self and you can begin to create the life you have always dreamed of.

The Solution

Step out of your comfort zone. Get out of your same old routine. Stop being scared to live the life you want. And most importantly, if you still live in your hometown and you’re dissatisfied, you need to leave.

Read the article Why You Need to Leave Your Hometown here.

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