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For Those Who Don’t Want to Eat “Nuts, Seeds and Grass”

Following a vegan diet doesn’t mean just eating natural foods. I advocate for a plant-based whole foods diet because it is the healthiest and the cheapest. But if you don’t want to go vegan because you don’t want to just eat these “healthy foods”… Continue Reading “For Those Who Don’t Want to Eat “Nuts, Seeds and Grass””

Healthy Snacks

Stuck in quarantine? Eating all day out of boredom? Want Healthier snacks so you don’t feel guilty? I got you fam. Here are some healthy, low-calorie, easy and cheap snacks that can lead to weight loss. Dates (Medjool) Can eat them by themselves. Dip… Continue Reading “Healthy Snacks”

Quick, Cheap and Healthy Quarantine Meals!

For about the past month I’ve been surviving on just oats, rice, potatoes, legumes and some fruit and veggies. The majority of my meals have consisted of: Brown Potatoes Brown Rice (and Quiona) Oats Green Pepper Onion Broccoli Black beans and lentils Hot sauce/Ketchup/Barbecue… Continue Reading “Quick, Cheap and Healthy Quarantine Meals!”

Quick, Cheap, Healthy Meals-Potato

Potatoes are so versatile, you can bake them fry them, or whatever you like. My go to is cooking them in a pan and then adding onion, green peppers and sometimes some beans or lentils. It is quick cheap and easy. Takes about 10-15… Continue Reading “Quick, Cheap, Healthy Meals-Potato”

How to Save the World and Make it a Better Place

We could easily save the world and make it a better place for everyone. Everyone could be healthier and happier and we could have more joy and compassion. This method doesn’t cost us anything; in fact it saves us a lot of money and… Continue Reading “How to Save the World and Make it a Better Place”

Eating Meat Does Not Make You Manly

Eating meat does not make you manly. Falling for all the advertisements and being brainwashed does not make you manly. Being obese and getting cancer and heart disease and diabetes does not make you manly. Being fat and lazy and out of shape does… Continue Reading “Eating Meat Does Not Make You Manly”

Quarantine Shopping List

Now that we are all stuck inside, it is harder to eat out, so I made a shopping list of some healthy and very cheap foods.  You can use these to cook some very simple and tasty meals. I will provide some recipes as… Continue Reading “Quarantine Shopping List”

Cheese Alternative

I’ve noticed that a big thing holding people back from going vegan is cheese. I was never a huge fan of it because it always made me feel gross and heavy. It turns out that about 80% of people are lactose intolerant and eating… Continue Reading “Cheese Alternative”

My Typical Grocery List (Way Cheaper than You Would Expect)

*Usually lasts me 2-3 weeks for the most part 2 boxes of pasta-$3-$7 Marinara Sauce-$2 2 boxes of brown rice$4 4-6 cans of beans-$4-6 Sriracha-$3 2 boxes of cereal-$6 2 cartons of milk-$6 Asparagus-$3 Broccoli-$3 Apples-$4 Oranges-$2 Celery-$2 Spinach-$3 Green Peppers-$1 Onions-$1 Hummus-$3 Almond Butter-$6 Bananas-$1 Carrots-$2 Avocados-$2 Frozen… Continue Reading “My Typical Grocery List (Way Cheaper than You Would Expect)”

My New Favorite Meal

Scroll Down for Recipe. I never thought about mixing nut butter with sweet potatoes but I tried it recently and I am hooked. I like to use almond butter but you can use any nut butter you’d like. This is my new go-to meal… Continue Reading “My New Favorite Meal”