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My View of God as a Philosopher

For those who don’t know I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Arizona State University. Philosophy is something that has always interested me. I never knew what to do with the degree, I just like learning and expanding my knowledge. Two of my… Continue Reading “My View of God as a Philosopher”

All That Exists, Is Right Now

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying; “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift… that’s why they call it the present.” I would like to dive a little deeper into this, because although it seems fairly simple and straightforward,… Continue Reading “All That Exists, Is Right Now”

Proof That Vegan Food Is Healthier

So, I was just writing a blog post and wanted to find a good picture and so I typed in “unhealthy food” and I got these results here: I was curious to see what would happen if I searched “healthy food,” here are the… Continue Reading “Proof That Vegan Food Is Healthier”

I Just Went 48 Hours With No Phone, No Food-Nothing. Here Is What I Learned (Repost)

Reason For The Detox Recently I noticed that my burning passion had been extinguished. Nothing seemed to excite me anymore. I haven’t had much motivation to do anything. So, I decided to go on a 48 hour complete dopamine detox. During this detox, I… Continue Reading “I Just Went 48 Hours With No Phone, No Food-Nothing. Here Is What I Learned (Repost)”

Why I am not Religious-Religion Vs Spirituality

People feel their religion as right, and others as wrong and this causes conflict. But truthfully, all religions are based on the same thing if you look at their roots.  Religion is all about; “do what I say without asking.” “If you don’t believe… Continue Reading “Why I am not Religious-Religion Vs Spirituality”

Best Argument for Veganism

I think there is enough information out there proving a vegan diet is healthier than the standard American diet; if it is done right. The Scenario There are 2 burgers. They taste and look almost exactly the same. The 1st burger has a high chance… Continue Reading “Best Argument for Veganism”

The 10 Most Attractive Traits in a Woman

Nowadays everyone is so focused on appearance and looks. Social media causes us only to show our best side. With this comes a lot of false expectations and fake love. That is why I never focus only on physical looks when it comes to… Continue Reading “The 10 Most Attractive Traits in a Woman”

Do I Ever Get the Urge to Eat Meat or Dairy?

I get asked this question all the time ever since I switched to a plant-based vegan diet. “I could never give up meat, it tastes sooooo good.” “I would die without cheese.” “b..bu…but bacon” I used to eat meat and dairy all the time.… Continue Reading “Do I Ever Get the Urge to Eat Meat or Dairy?”

What I Have Learned From Being Alone For 10 Months

Last year I decided enough was enough. I decided to finally take control of my life and start living for myself. I transferred to my dream school, packed up all my things, and drove 30 hours across the U.S. to start a new life.… Continue Reading “What I Have Learned From Being Alone For 10 Months”

Eating Animals Because “They Taste Good” Is Not Justifiable

“I could never give up meat because it tastes too good” “I would die without cheese” One of the biggest arguments against veganism is people say they can’t give up animal products because they taste too good.  Therefore, you are favoring your tastebuds over… Continue Reading “Eating Animals Because “They Taste Good” Is Not Justifiable”