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My Reason for Advocating Veganism

My goal: When you learn something it opens your eyes to a new viewpoint. I don’t think people who eat meat are bad people. When someone doesn’t have all the information, they can’t make a decision, and they can’t be held morally accountable for… Continue Reading “My Reason for Advocating Veganism”

Everything is Weird. Especially Eating Meat

Everything sounds ridiculous when it first starts out, but then it becomes a norm.  Basketball-someone decided to bounce a round object and then throw it into a basket. Now it’s a billion dollar industry.  Football-people trying to cross a line while holding a ball… Continue Reading “Everything is Weird. Especially Eating Meat”

People Can Change

People can change. I was lost like all of you. Growing up I knew I was different. I just so happened to fall in to the clique of “popular kids.” In high school, we all play our roles. We don’t know any better. I… Continue Reading “People Can Change”

Feeling Lost

If you are feeling lost and sick of the life you are living it’s because you are looking for happiness in short term pleasures.  If your life consists of working all week at a job you don’t enjoy and all you do is look… Continue Reading “Feeling Lost”

Why is it Cool to be Unhappy?

Why is it a norm to be unhappy in public. It’s like once we enter in to society it’s frowned upon to be happy and friendly.  You get weird looks if you’re smiling or singing.  I’ll be in my car in a great mood… Continue Reading “Why is it Cool to be Unhappy?”