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Why Intelligence is a Blessing and a Curse

I’ve mentioned it plenty of times before but I’m going to say it again for the sake of this post. I am one of those naturally smart and gifted people. Never had to study, never had to put effort into anything and was still… Continue Reading “Why Intelligence is a Blessing and a Curse”

Tremendous Life Hack for Self-Improvement

“If we changed places would you change my ways?” These were the lyrics of a song I listened to recently and they really got me thinking. I am a hardcore empath so I always put myself in peoples’ shoes before judging their life and… Continue Reading “Tremendous Life Hack for Self-Improvement”

We Are Being Forced Into Quarantine to Join the Metaverse

Ever since I was a kid I predicted that Virtual Reality would take over. Wall-E was a documentary. Ready Player One was also a documentary. That is our future. People will get addicted to the Metaverse and very soon people will care about their… Continue Reading “We Are Being Forced Into Quarantine to Join the Metaverse”

The Real Solution to The Coronavirus (Omicron Variant)

Let me start this off with a story I was at the doctor’s office a couple of days ago. Whilst waiting for my appointment a man comes in. He walks up to the receptionist and says “Hey, I am here for a Covid test”… Continue Reading “The Real Solution to The Coronavirus (Omicron Variant)”

Why We Use Filler Words (Video)

Tis a very beautiful thumbnail that I don’t care enough to change. But here is the video version of my most recent blog post. For those of you who are cool and actually like to read, here is a link to the written version.

Why We Use Filler Words (I Say “Like” A LOT)

Filler words such as “umm, uhh, you know”, and my personal favorite, “like,” can be extremely distracting and these words are a very bad habit that most people don’t even realize they have. I recorded a video last night and when editing, I realized… Continue Reading “Why We Use Filler Words (I Say “Like” A LOT)”

The Moment I ‘Woke Up’ Spiritually

I have always felt different. I always knew I was different and I always felt that there was more to life. I believe in reincarnation and I believe I am a very old soul. Ever since a very young age my mind has worked… Continue Reading “The Moment I ‘Woke Up’ Spiritually”

My Experience With Aphantasia (Can’t Create Mental Images)

Aphantasia is defined as the inability to form mental images of objects that are not present. So, in other words, I cannot see any objects in my head when I’m thinking about them.  If someone told me to imagine a red apple, I cannot… Continue Reading “My Experience With Aphantasia (Can’t Create Mental Images)”

I Am Someone Who Does Not Hear A Voice In Their Head

There was a viral tweet that went around about a year ago stating that some people have an internal narrative while others do not.  I didn’t really look in to it at the time, but after a little research I believe I am someone… Continue Reading “I Am Someone Who Does Not Hear A Voice In Their Head”

Why I Hate Thanksgiving

The way we are taught about Thanksgiving in school and, just in general, is super f*cked up in my opinion. Like most of American history, the story of the Pilgrims and the Native Americans is super whitewashed. As white Americans we see Thanksgiving as… Continue Reading “Why I Hate Thanksgiving”