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Why You Need To Leave Your Hometown

There’s an old quote that goes like this: A shark in a fish tank will only grow to 8 inches, whereas a shark in the ocean can grow 8 feet or more. The shark will never outgrow its environment. The same goes for You. You cannot outgrow… Continue Reading “Why You Need To Leave Your Hometown”

Being Comfortable is Destroying Your Life

Being comfortable sounds good and all, but honestly it is doing way more harm than good. Being stuck in your comfort zone has a lot of negative consequences.  Your comfort zone consists of what is safe and easy. It is the thing you do… Continue Reading “Being Comfortable is Destroying Your Life”

Knowledge Is Not Power

My whole life I have just loved learning. I love to read books, watch YouTube videos and watch documentaries.  I have always believed the old cliché saying that knowledge is power. Although knowledge itself is very useful and good to have, I no longer… Continue Reading “Knowledge Is Not Power”

The Strangest Secret to Success

Recently I read a book by Earl Nightingale called The Strangest Secret. Nightingale is basically the successor to Napoleon Hill when it comes to Self Help books. If you don’t know who Napoleon Hill is, you definitely need to check out his book Think and Grow Rich. It… Continue Reading “The Strangest Secret to Success”

Law Of Attraction-Acorn Example

Recently I read a book by Bob Proctor called You Were Born Rich. It’s a very good book that talks about how when we are born our minds are a clean slate. We have a direct connection with the universe.  But over time through… Continue Reading “Law Of Attraction-Acorn Example”

The Biggest Key to Success

We are in a time where we are surrounded with something called instant gratification. With the advancements of technology and society as a whole, things are so much easier to obtain. If you need to find out some information you can just Google it… Continue Reading “The Biggest Key to Success”

The Difference between Your and You’re

I don’t know why it bugs me so much, but whenever I see the words “your” and “you’re” being used incorrectly I get very bothered. So, I am here to help explain the difference so you can learn when to use each one. When… Continue Reading “The Difference between Your and You’re”

The Difference Between There, Their and They’re

When people use there, they’re and their wrong I get pretty triggered. So hopefully this explanation will help you learn the difference so you can start using the correct one. When to use There There is basically the opposite of here. There refers to a location or it… Continue Reading “The Difference Between There, Their and They’re”

Why it is Okay to be Selfish

The word selfish tends to have a very negative connotation attached to it. The actual definition of the word selfish is someone lacking consideration for others and who is concerned with only one’s own profit or pleasure. But I believe it is more than… Continue Reading “Why it is Okay to be Selfish”

The 6 Things That Absolutely Changed My Life

About a year ago I gave myself a One Month Personal Challenge. I wrote down 6 things that I wanted to do each day that I knew would help me become the best version of myself and just improve my life as a whole.… Continue Reading “The 6 Things That Absolutely Changed My Life”