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How to be Happier

“To create a life in which you are truly happy and satisfied it takes effort and hard work. But nowadays we aren’t used to those two things. We have technology do everything for us.

Everything is in short bursts and our attention spans are very minimal.

When doing things to improve our lives such as exercising or eating healthier; if we don’t see immediate results we automatically think it isn’t worth it and we ditch it and go back to a more comfortable lifestyle with instant gratification.”

How to be Happier Instantly

How happy you are, all depends on your mindset. Your life is simply a mirror of your most dominant thoughts. Everything you think about, you attract in to your life. This whole entire planet operates with the Law of Attraction. The reason humans are… Continue Reading “How to be Happier Instantly”

The Greatest Tip on Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

I have read so many self-help books, watched so many videos and have done so much research. But there is one quote that has changed my life for the better.              The easiest way to improve your life and become the best version of yourself… Continue Reading “The Greatest Tip on Becoming the Best Version of Yourself”