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The Link Between Racism and Eating Animals

Our cognitive dissonance towards other races stems from our inability to see the hypocrisy involved with our views of animals.  We see some animals as pets but others as food.  Humans are just advanced animals but we choose to torture, mutilate and murder billions… Continue Reading “The Link Between Racism and Eating Animals”

Eating Dogs and Other Animals Is The Same

*WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS* Hypocrisy These first two photos should make you uncomfortable. It is hard to see such innocent living beings being mistreated and murdered just because people enjoy the taste of them. We see dogs as companions so it hurts our hearts to… Continue Reading “Eating Dogs and Other Animals Is The Same”

How to End All of this Hate and Have World Peace

To Spread Love You Need To Have Love To Spread. To Spread Peace You Must Have Peace Within. World peace; love and happiness starts with You. Stop blaming others. Stop waiting for someone else to come make a change. To Change The World You… Continue Reading “How to End All of this Hate and Have World Peace”

Eating Animals Because “They Taste Good” Is Not Justifiable

“I could never give up meat because it tastes too good” “I would die without cheese” One of the biggest arguments against veganism is people say they can’t give up animal products because they taste too good.  Therefore, you are favoring your tastebuds over… Continue Reading “Eating Animals Because “They Taste Good” Is Not Justifiable”